Retractable power towers, flip lid units and floorboxes

There when you need them...hidden when you don't! New VMR designs and manifactures retractable power towers, in-ground units and flip lid units for indoors and outdoors: the perfect way to preserve the natural and the urban landscape.

What is a retractable supply system?
The retractable power and service supply systems guarantee safety and reliability and allow to gain access to the provision of services only when needed and, when you’ve done with it, they hide themselves away within our cities, avoiding vandalism and the improper use of public services.

Thanks to retractable power tower, flip lid units and floorboxes any urban space will become polyvalent and ready to hold fairs or events at any time without having to set up temporary installations, thus helping to limit costs and save money.

The cover can be filled with any type of building material or you can place above an additional cover to optimize its camouflage; for example, in football fields the second option is commonly used by creating a cover filled with synthetic grass!

These are just some of the benefits that can be obtained by using the New VMR retractable service supply systems, of high-quality and reliability.

Field of application

The retractable power towers, flip lid units and floorboxes may be used:

-In public areas for squares, market areas, historic centers, hotels, public parks, sports centers, malls, caravan parks and camps, theatres and stages, ports, small harbors and marinas, airports and hangars, railway stations and undergrounds and stadiums
-In private areas such as villas, swimming pools, gardens, apartment buildings, workshops and industrial facilities, retractable systems help saving space and keeping the surrounding environment unaltered

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