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Thanks to its experience, New VMR realizes, designs and supplies fixed and retractable power towers and supply systems, concealed and fixed distribution bollards, mobile and retractable posts for the distribution of services and for recharging cars and electric vehicles . Discover our products by browsing our product catalogue below.

The new VMR is specialized in the manufacture of service supply systems, easy to install and use at need.

Retractable towers, floorboxes, flip lid and in-ground units, fixed distribution posts and bollards are designed to hide in any environment; the camouflage is complete for retractable and pop up systems, while, for the fixed ones, it can be possible thanks to the elegant and discreet design, given by the modern shapes of the products and the high-quality materials used to produce them.

The new VMR is always concerned with the client's specific needs, offering a great customization of its service supply systems, given by the high degree of flexibility guaranteed during both the planning and the production stage.

Consider the market square of a historic center for example. Event planners and sellers are connected with long cables to big gray electrical panels placed on the stone wall of beautiful buildings, perhaps an old mansion or a castle.
The risk of disconnecting or stumbling on the cables is high and on the other days the gray frame just still there, ruining the architectural style of the city, and it may be subject of vandalism or an improper use of services may occur; so New VMR intervenes with retractable service supply systems and discreet and totally safe solutions!

Our retractable systems are designed to avoid ruining the surrounding natural and architectural environment and to avoid vandalism and the improper use of public services.
They are also useful for revitalizing public spaces and creating new opportunities to plan events.

Your projects will benefit from a smart solution through our retractable service supply systems, allowing historic centers, squares, sports centers, camps, ports and marinas, hotels, theme and amusement parks, museums, workshops and even private properties to return to their beauty.

The entire range of New VMR products are ecological and eco-friendly systems designed to be safe for the environment.

Prepare the ground in order to obtain a well-drained soil, dig a bed where to lay down your service supply unit and connect it; now you can gain access in complete safety to electricity, water, lighting, compressed air, data transmission and sound system only when needed, respecting the environment!

Retractable power towers, flip lid units and floorboxes

There when you need them...hidden when you don't! New VMR designs and manifactures retractable power towers, in-ground units and flip lid units for indoors and outdoors: the perfect way to preserve the natural and the urban landscape.

Fixed supply bollards for cities, campsites, harbors and marinas

Modern design for your cities: fixed bollards for the provision of services, a discreet solution for historic sites, city centres and camping areas.

Exhaust systems for campings and trailer parks

New VMR completes its offer for campings and trailer parks with special designed solution of exhaust systems: wastewater discharge units and self-cleaning wells!

Urban furnishing

New VMR offers a series of urban furnishing accessories in stainless steel, with a sober and elegant design for cities, gardens, parks and much more! Discover the various solutions of retractable bollards, fixed and removable bollards, arches and barriers.

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