Urban furnishing

New VMR offers a series of urban furnishing accessories in stainless steel, with a sober and elegant design for cities, gardens, parks and much more! Discover the various solutions of retractable bollards, fixed and removable bollards, arches and barriers.

New VMR, alongside the production of retractable towers and fixed distribution columns, has designed a sober and elegant line of fixed and automatic bollards and of urban furnishing accessories; the bollards and the urban furnishing accessories are made of stainless steel and high-quality materials, thus being able to keep highly competitive prices.

New VMR is able to keep up with the clients' needs, giving them the possibility to customize the products, combining colors and finishes.

In this line, New VMR combines the accessories design and aesthetics with the environmental protection and the economic aspect of the products.

Field of application

The line of urban furnishing is composed by retractable bollards, fixed or removable bollards and barriers in stainless steel.
Our solutions may be used to restrict access to vehicles to sensitive areas such as embassies, banks, industrial and private complexes and pedestrian areas; they also represent a design idea for high-quality for parks, amusement and theme parks, harbors, docks and marinas, gardens, municipal roads and swimming pools.

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